Lucky Aluminium Private Ltd (LAPL) was established

in 1980 by Mr. Ch.Naimuddin as a small company

and now after 31 years (LAPL) is a biggest name in

the aluminium industry in Pakistan. And our leading

position in the market is due to high quality and value

that we provide to our customers.

 Chemical & Mechanical Lab and testing
  Quality Control Chemical and Mechanical Lab:

Our Laboratory is equipped with sophisticated and state-of-the-art facilities for testing and inspection of raw materials, intermediate and finished products.

Chemical Testing:
(a) We have the facility to analyze the chemical composition of any alloy
thought German Based Spectro Meter (LAX – X7) which can analyze
the material by 6 bases.

i. Ferrous (Fe)
ii. Aluminium (Al)
iii. Copper (Cu)
iv. Zinc (Zn)
v. Tin (Sn)
vi. Nickel (Ni)

(b) And U.S.A Based Niton Analyzer unique integrated library of 400+ alloy
grades and can be accurately analyze includes.

I. Stainless steels
II. Copper (Cu) alloys
III. Nickel (Ni) alloys
IV. Titanium (Ti) alloys
V. Cobalt (Co) alloys
VI. Wrought aluminium (Al) alloys
VII. Ni/Co alloys
VIII. Low alloy steels
IX. Tool steels
X. Chromium-molybdenum (Cr-Mo) steels
XI. Zirconium (Zr) alloys
XII. Exotic alloys of most types (alloys of tantalum, hafnium, and tungsten)

Mechanical / Physical Testing:

From Mechanical testing, we can carry out tests from Universal Tensile Strength (UTS) machine, Hardness Tester cover Brinell, rockwell & Vicker scales, Anodizing thickness gauge, titration, material treatment and other relevant tests.

The material testing and calibration facilities are available to provide services to external customers as well.

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